Sam Moore

Sam Moore is a journalist from Halifax studying in the Master of Journalism program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Strangest Pokémon Go stops in Vancouver

Oh, the places you'll (Pokémon) go.

Great spots to walk, run, or hike in Vancouver, even if you don’t have a car

There are a lot of great places to explore, even if you're on transit.

City's first fully-licensed pot dispensary pops up in swanky Point Grey

Swanky Point Grey. Vancouver’s westernmost neighborhood, home to parks and beaches aplenty, and  to the city's most expensive real estate.  Chip Wilson's house, valued this year at $63...

Thousands experience futuristic technology at Vancouver's Consumer Virtual Reality Convention

Pop music blasted throughout the hall. Fog machines created a weak haze that permeated the space.  Hundreds of people waited in lines, while hundreds more navigated crowded passages between...

After tense meeting, Vancouver City Council takes small step towards affordable housing program

After hours of deliberation, council approved a motion Wednesday which may one day lead to an affordable housing program.