Roger Annis

Roger Annis is a writer and retired aerospace worker in Vancouver. He publishes a website A Socialist in Canada and can be reached at rogerannis(at)

Time for protest against the degradation of postal and other public services

Isn’t it time, now to join with postal workers in protests across the country to defend the whole range of federal services being gutted by the government?

Record sea levels flood east coast of England

Flooding in Scarborough, England, Dec 5-6, 2013. Lifeboat is stationed for protection from ocean. Photo Creative Commons.

A big week for fossil fuel politics in British Columbia

Solidarity Accord signed in Vancouver on Dec 5, image courtesy of Ben West of ForestEthics

Rail realignment discussion in Surrey/White Rock poses question of which interests will be served

The city councils of Surrey and White Rock say they are keenly interested in a relocation inland of the railway line that runs along their ocean shorelines. That message was welcomed by most of the...

More revelations about Canada’s top-secret spy agency are coming

Canada’s investment in CSEC puts it in the top ranks of an international espionage alliance, but at what cost?

Ford brothers spectacle in Toronto hits new low

Is Toronto's mayoral situation foreshadowing Canada's political future?

Ottawa’s proposed law on ‘cyberbullying’ attacks civil rights

New proposed law uncomfortably similar to last year’s controversial Bill C-30, giving police new powers of electronic surveillance.

CBC News examines implications of Haiti cholera lawsuit for UN operations worldwide, including in the Phillippines

This evening, a very informative and revealing story about the lawsuit against the United Nations over cholera in Haiti was broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s national evening news...

Flaherty has tears of solidarity for Rob Ford, nothing for impoverished pensioners

Why does Flaherty cry for a wealthy mayor who tarnished Canada's reputation when pensioners are struggling to live?

Canada’s appointed Senate controversies reveal deeper trend of authoritarian rule

Stephen Harper and his governing, Conservative Party hierarchy were hoping that the brawl they have picked with Canada’s appointed Senate would be wrapped up in time for the party’s two-day national...