Roger Annis

Roger Annis is a writer and retired aerospace worker in Vancouver. He publishes a website A Socialist in Canada and can be reached at rogerannis(at)

Speaking tour of Mi’kmaq activists appeals for solidarity with New Brunswick anti-fracking struggle

Suzanne Patles and Coady Stevens in Vancouver Jan 24, 2014.

Safety regulations not up to speed with massive escalation of resource extraction

The company seeking to build the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has had a massive explosion on its decades-old natural gas pipeline in southern Manitoba. The rupture of the TransCanada PipeLines (...

Oil-by-rail industry in North America begins 2014 with another spectacular crash

The oil-by-rail industry in North America is growing by leaps and bounds, with frightening consequences for public safety and for the planet's climate.

Seven cars of coal train derail in Burnaby

Seven cars of a 152-car coal train moving along CN Rail tracks through Vancouver region derailed yesterday in Burnaby. Three of the cars tipped over and spilled their loads, contaminated the waters...

Another province in Canada loses its winter energy supply

It’s dead winter in Canada and another province has lost its electricity supply. This time it’s Newfoundland and Labrador. Most of the half million residents of the island part of the province lost...

Exploding oil trains: Coming to a Vancouver neighbourhood near you?

The Vancouver Sun published in its Jan. 2 edition a rare look at oil train movement in the Lower Mainland by its excellent writer on the natural resources industries, Gordon Hoekstra. The total...

Toronto hit hard by record ice storm

As of Monday morning, about 80,000 homes in Ontario have had power restored since the height of the storm.

Report from the fossil fuel wars in Canada

The fossil fuel industry offensive in British Columbia and across Canada is proceeding relentlessly. Here is an update from some of the key fronts of the fossil fuel wars. Tar sands On Dec. 16,...

Conrad Black and Hizzoner Rob Ford

Readers outside of Toronto are seriously deprived of late of a huge dose of comedic entertainment. It comes via Conrad Black, aka Baron Black of Crossharbour, and the fallout from his fawning...