Oriane Lee Johnston

Based on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, Oriane Lee’s life journeys have taken her from meditating in a Buddhist monastery in Burma, to trail riding in the mountains of Ecuador.
After fifteen years as program director for Hollyhock.ca, in 2005 she began to combine horse wisdom with the human heart in leadership and personal development programs. The spirit of horses led her to Africa, in 2010 volunteering with Mozambique Horse Safari, then on to a wildlife safari on horseback that changed her perspective about humans and nature. She is now involved with the Horses-in-Africa project documenting the Mavuradonha Wilderness of Zimbabwe, where, amazingly, she can do tarot readings by skype for her clients in North America.

Oriane Lee has published in several online journals including Equitrekking.com, Izilwane.org and ecology.com .

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