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Mindy Chapman

Mindy has professionally designed graphics, logos and websites since she graduated from New School for the Arts & Academics High School (NSAA) two years early. Some of her credits include Design Editor for NSAA's journalistic newspaper ORANGE, Design Editor for the NSAA Middle School yearbook, Director/Editor of NSAAM's 'Class of 2003' film and Independent Webmaster. She believes that the social media and the internet are powerful mediums for education and artistic expression. Her most passionate interests are childhood education and human rights. See her work at or follow her twitter @Mindy_Chapman.

Women in Canadian politics and media infographics

On International Women's Day, here is a look at how women stand in politics and media.

What'd you do when the lights went out? Earth hour 2012 infographic

Earth Hour 2012 and what happens in the dark...

Just another day in the life of a single mom

Early morning wakeups, relay races and mayhem? Just another day in the life of a single mom.

Cooking at Dirty Apron culinary school

Beginner cooks mingled with professional chefs to produce some delectable Italian food at The Dirty Apron.

Babylon dance party at the Waldorf Hotel: photos

Vancouver's party-goers danced the night away at the coolest place in Vancouver: The Waldorf.

Is he on the naughty or nice list?

Download the printable version.

‘Living the Life of your Dreams’ says how you can have it all

Living the Life of Your Dreams by Marilyn Tam, a former fortune 500 CEO and former Nike executive, shares insights into a questions that many people ask themselves: how to achieve success, without...

Apocalyptic chicken coops fall from sky

Some said she was running a negative campaign. Then one day, it happened.

Lady Gaga twitter champ, but Bieber not backing down

Bieber struggles to steal twitter supremacy from Gaga.

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in Surrey: satire

11:30 The Vancouver Observer has managed to get past security at the entrance to the Surrey Regional Economic Summit 2011 and is sitting in the front row of the George W. Bush-Bill Clinton speeches....