Mike Priaro

Mike Priaro, B.Eng.Sc. (Chem. Eng.), U.W.O. '76, P.Eng., former member APEO, current Lifetime Member APEGA, worked in facilities, production, operations and reservoir engineering, as engineering consultant, area superintendent, and engineering management in Alberta's oil patch for 25 years for companies such as Amoco and PetroCanada.

He increased oil production from the historic Turner Valley oilfield and brought in under-balanced drilling technology to drill out, complete and test several of the highest producing gas wells ever on mainland Canada at Ladyfern.  He co-authored ‘Advanced Fracturing Fluids Improve Well Economics’ in Schlumberger's Oilfield Review and developed the course material for the ‘Advanced Production Engineering’ course at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.”

Mike has no formal connection to any oil company, environmental organization, think tank, labour organization, lobbying or special interest group, academia, or to provincial or federal politics.

Mike is the author of 
A ‘Canada-First’ Canadian Energy Strategy and is available for speaking engagements and consulting work.


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