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Mike Chisholm

Mike Chisholm has worked across the country as a broadcast journalist and producer with CBC television and radio, CTV and as the national Atlantic correspondent for Global TV. He is a recipient of both a Jack Webster Journalism Award and an RTNDA award for his reporting. His focus with The Vancouver Observer is environmental and political reporting.

2008 Paris trip first spark in Metro Van decision-maker's push for incineration here

Metro Vancouver called Paris's incinerator “one of the best facilities on the continent.” Last week, it was being blamed as helping to cause heavy layer of smog.

Europe trash tours sent Metro Van decision makers jet-setting away from nearby solutions

Public officials who go on incinerator tours in Europe come back convinced that waste-to-energy incineration is the way to go.

Turning garbage into electricity, metal and toxic ash at the Burnaby incinerator

Paper, clothing, records, plastics and metal. These aren't supposed to end up tossed in the waste stream, but some have escaped the inspector’s scrutiny and face a fiery end.

"Dark star" of recycling expected to feed into proposed Metro Van incinerator

In a world expected to nearly double its garbage output by 2025, Helen Spiegelman and her husband are acting locally to reverse that trend. "I make all my own food. I grow my own food. We brew our...

New Metro Van plan to heat homes, boil water with sewer gas

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. Photo courtesy Metro Vancouver Most people who walk past a sewage treatment plant can easily recognize the pungent aroma that emanates from behind the fence....

Metro Vancouver's Burnaby incinerator burning through taxpayer money

It’s a business model that would likely have gotten an executive team in trouble years ago. In 2014, Metro Vancouver’s Burnaby waste-to-energy (WTE) facility will cost taxpayers $22 million...

Port Moody councillor questions Metro Van's headlong rush to burn garbage

Metro Van is moving too fast to push forward a half-billion dollar incineration plan, a councillor says.

As Europe shies away from burning trash, Metro Vancouver gears up for $480m waste-to-energy incinerator

Garbage incineration so efficient some countries now importing trash to feed insatiable appetite of waste-burners while threatening recycling initiatives. Fifth in a three-month series.

Andrea Reimer says Metro Van's incinerator plan from another era

Is waste-to-energy incineration a path to the future or a blast from the past?