Mia Kalef

Mia Kalef  is the author of The Secret Life of Babies: Decoding the Cultures of Birth, Love, and Violence.  She's a registered chiropractor who practices craniosacral therapy and pre and perinatal therapy in Vancouver, BC.  She celebrates nature, animals, and babies as emissaries of peaceful and cooperative societies. Find out more at www.emergingfamilies.com  

Agnes Gereb

Hungarian midwife Agnes Gereb changing the world

A new documentary tackles the persecution of midwife Agnes Gereb and the lack of freedom for women wanting to give birth in the safety of their homes.

Advocates join Hungarian midwife Agnes Gereb's fight for home births

Prominent Canadians, including psychologist Andrew Feldmar, have spoken against Hungary's persecution of Agnes Gereb, a trailblazing midwife who has been jailed for her work.