After 11 years of bringing you local reporting, the team behind the Vancouver Observer has moved on to Canada's National Observer. You can follow Vancouver culture reporting over there from now on. Thank you for all your support over the years!

Meghan O'Neill

Born in the United States, Meghan has spent her life bouncing back and forth across the border. Growing up in places such as New Hampshire, Calgary, Vancouver, and Arizona she has finally settled for Yaletown, Vancouver.

Living in a “spatially-challenged”,  overpaid downtown apartment, Meghan spends her time finding various excuses to procrastinate from whatever her current writing project happens to be (Come to think of it, Meghan quite often finds various excuses to procrastinate from any activity…)

Meghan’s future goals include: putting away her laundry, doing her taxes, and finishing her book.

Cover Girl for Climate Change

Heralded as an "Eco-Activist Rock Star" by The Tyee, and an "Enviro Hero" by GreenLiving, BC resident and Executive Director of PowerUP Canada, Tzeporah Berman has been called many things, but "...

International Olympics Committee Says No to Creative Commons Postings on Flickr

Earlier this week, the Vancouver Observer spoke with Australian photographer and social media specialist who currently works with the CPU/CSA, Richard Giles about his encounter with the International...

The VO Celebrates at Ceili's

The Vancouver celebrates at Ceili's with over 150 of our closest friends.

Be an Observer

The Vancouver Observer celebrates the launch of its new site with the release of a Print Edition.

The VO Hits the Streets

The Vancouver Observer hit the streets this past week with the release of the Print Edition. Check out these photos of the VO in action.  

From the Vancouver Observer to Oprah

The Vancouver Observer provides interesting and edgy stories you can't find anywhere else. Even Oprah thinks so.

You're Invited

Join the media party.  VO's Relaunch celebration:  Tuesday, October 6th 5pm-7pm Ceili's Irish Pub 670 Smithe Street. Ninjas, music, tweetarama, comedy, more.

Pre-loved Paperbacks

In the days before my Sony Reader, I would spend hour upon hour exploring garage sales and used book stores for my next favourite author. This happened to be exactly what I was doing one summer...

Summer Fun on my Flash Drive

Four fantastic summer reads, er... e-reads by Meghan Strain The heat of true summer is upon us. The time has come to stretch out on the beach, deck, or break room table with your favorite book...

You Read, I Read... eRead?

Exactly 3 months and 6 days ago I made the great leap of faith into the world of electronic reading when I was given a Sony Reader in sangria red (my favorite color!) for my birthday. So far...