Lindsey Pinto

Lindsey Pinto is the communications manager at She aspires to put Canada on the map as a leader in net neutrality, fair copyright and the effective use of independent media for political communication.

Vic Toews and the online spying bill:update from

Canadians have forced the government to begin backing down on the warrantless online spying bill.

Online spying hits Parliament: weekly news update from

This week's update is all about the new warrantless online spying bill. This legislation targets all Canadians, and would create a giant, unsecure, expensive data registry. This debate comes at a...

Rolling Over Speed Bumps: weekly news update from

It's the beginning of the end for Internet throttling, and OpenMedia's newest campaign is coming into play as the hotly contested Bill C-11 moves through the House of Commons.

Canada lags behind in digital economy: news update from

Canada is lagging further behind on internet speed, openness, affordability and content. When will Canadians speak up to demand better?

Change at the CRTC: Weekly news update from

This week's news update talks about the new Interim CRTC Chair, gives more info on the online spying bills, and provides a short update on the Stop The Squeeze campaign. Watch it here:

Canadians shaping campaigns: Weekly news update from

There's so much going on in Internet governance this week. OpenMedia has news about police lobby for warrantless online spying, the cell phone squeeze, and the SOPA blackout. Check it out:

OpenMedia launches Cell Phone Squeeze campaign

Thousands of people are backing a new campaign to fight the high rates of cell phone companies.

Towards openness: Weekly Updates from

This week's news update comes from Managing Director Reilly Yeo. She explains why we're so happy about Bell's decision to stop throttling the open Internet, and why we still have a ways...

Why we fight: Weekly update from

This is the Weekly News Update video for Thursday, December 15. This week, we talk about our fundraising drive, the latest news, and our inspiration to continue the fight for an open and...

The Team: Weekly Update from

If it's December, it must be fundraising time.