Liam Scanlon

Liam Scanlon escaped out to Vancouver after 18 winters that was growing up in Winnipeg. He has a passion for telling people's (his or others) stories, and wants to understand this fascinating and constantly changing city through the written word. He's interested primarily in two areas: the ongoing battle for sustainable practices -- be local national or international -- and different art forms and how the public engages with them. He just completed his third year at UBC in English Honors and History, and hopes to one day see every corner of this big ol' world.

 You can follow him on twitter at: liamsca

Sona found guilty of robocall fraud in the 2011 elections

“There has never been a case like this in Canada before," Sona's lawyer Boxall declared leaving the courtroom Thursday. Sona has been convicted of elections fraud. It is unlikely he acted alone.

Grand Chief compares Mount Polley disaster to Exxon Valdez

The Union of BC Indians Chief Stewart Phillip declares that "Mount Polley will be synonymous with one of the most disastrous environmental events in British Columbia."

Growing up with the Bard: Lili Beaudoin on starring in the biggest Tempest ever

With gusto and bravado, The Tempest stormed onto stage and captivated the viewers on opening night.

Revered 96-year-old band leader Dal Richards kicks off first day of Jazz Fest

Dal Richards takes audiences down memory lane, back to the era of CBC concerts on the roof of Hotel Vancouver.

Europeans protest first major Canadian tar sands shipment in Spain

Dozens of masked protesters held signs to criticize shipment of Canadian bitumen to Europe.

SOHN creates haunting sounds at Fortune

Dreamscapes and soundclouds: SOHN's concert at Fortune Sound Club last night was sometimes strange, sometimes disappointing, but often wonderful.

City of Vancouver staff report finds serious problems with Kinder Morgan hearings process: report

A new report highlights major differences between the hearing processes of Enbridge Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain. Guess which falls short?

Critics blast 'insensitive' rules for Aboriginal oral evidence at Kinder Morgan hearings

"It's a totally flawed process," said a Tsleil-Waututh Nation member on the NEB's new regulations on what constitutes Aboriginal oral testimony.