Kurtis Lockhart

Kurtis Lockhart is a writer who specializes in social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and emerging economies. Before writing for The Vancouver Observer, Kurtis was an opinion columnist for The Ubyssey, and (before that) a culture colunmist for The McGill Daily during his undergraduate years at McGill University. Follow him on Twitter at @kurtislockhart, visit his blog http://kurtislockhart.wordpress.com/, or email him at kurtislockhart [at] gmail.com.


First Power's Donna Morton teaches marginalized youth social entrepreneurship

Donna Morton, BC social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow, launches SunDrum -- a youth education program to teach marginalized youth about social entrepreneurship through art, culture, and games.

Vancouver+Acumen celebrates social entrepreneurship at DIGNITY 2013

Vancouver+Acumen hosted DIGNITY 2013 last night, May 15, to raise money for Acumen.

China and US have the same problem: inequality

Inequality in China could heighten tensions between elites and the masses. These tensions could eventually turn into social unrest, political instability, and even revolution. Sound familiar America?