Kristina Campbell

Vancouver writer and former public school educator Kristina Campbell highlights educational topics with stories from inside and outside the classroom.

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The parable of the Vancouver Board of Education's special advisor

There once was a man who kept his yard full of hundreds of well-groomed trees. He was very fond of his trees, watering and pruning them with care as the seasons changed. One day he received a...

VSB budget proposals on the table: Some parents pit music against Mandarin

The VSB's budget-balancing proposals include cancelling the itinerant band and strings program in 2010/11

China lags behind in special education practices

China may be an emerging world power, but when it comes to caring for its vulnerable children with special needs, it has a long way to go.

A call for positive inclusion of autistic children in classrooms from the Autism Canada Foundation

Kindergarten student Thomas is alert to every number in the vicinity. His eyes dart from the counting poster on the wall to the bar code of a library book on the table. He says all the numbers...

Toward an Inclusive Canadian Society: Schools Are a Good Place to Start

On the eve of of the Paralympic opening ceremony in Vancouver, it's worth reflecting on how inclusive we want our society to be.

Are Alberta-Style Charter Schools Coming to BC?

After the March 2nd BC budget presentation, school trustees say the announced funding increases for education will "go a significant distance" toward covering the financial commitments of school...

Hey Rosetta Shines Brighter Than The Stars At Vancouver Orpheum Show

Last night's duo of bands at the Orpheum had a clear winner: Newfoundland band Hey Rosetta shone with the energy of up-and-coming stardom while Montreal indie-rock veterans The Stars executed their...

High Schoolers Know They'll Be Paying For The Games For Years To Come

As I breezed by a hoodie-clad crew in a West Side Vancouver high school hallway on Friday, the opening day of the Olympics, here's what one guy was saying to his buddies:  "Do you guys...

Proposed Cuts to French Immersion in Northern BC Communities Could Affect More Than Just the Students

A parent group says losing French Immersion programs in their Northern BC school district could cause fewer Southern-trained professionals to move Northward with their families, thus weakening communi

Abracadabra: Screen Time Can Be Part of Teaching Kids to Read

Children don't learn to read and write the way they learn to kick and crawl - there's some hard work involved, whether they know it or not. Parents and teachers have to invest hours and hours of time...