Kristina Campbell

Vancouver writer and former public school educator Kristina Campbell highlights educational topics with stories from inside and outside the classroom.

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Independent centre aims to fill service gaps for those with special needs

The Down Syndrome Research Foundation's newly re-branded "Centre for Specialized Learning" all started with a physiotherapist who became frustrated when she sent a boy with Down Syndrome to get his ey

Elected school boards beat the alternative

If you like the way your regional health authority board is working, the government’s review of the Vancouver school district will please you, writes Paul Willcocks in this guest editorial. ...

School's out for summer...except in schools with a "balanced calendar"

Some students are still in school these hot July days - but are they really that unlucky?

VSB approves budget, releases school closures list

Vancouver School Board (VSB) finalized its budget for next year - for better or for worse.

Working memory key predictor for a student's educational success, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology finds

New research suggests that measuring a child's IQ is not the best way to predict future school success.

Special Education Assistant training program more relevant than ever

Whether male or female, hipster or quilted-vest-wearing grandmother, they have one thing in common: a desire to be with kids and to help them achieve their potential.

School Speech-Language Pathologists: more than lip service

Outside the window are the sights of school dismissal: a 6-year-old girl walks by with the flap of her Dora back-pack hanging open; boys crowd around a hand-held video game and speak animatedly in...

The read-in at Tecumseh Annex in Kensington

The only sounds at this demonstration were pages waving in the breeze, the murmur of voices reading aloud, and the helicopter in the distance.

Another school reads to protest funding cuts

Following the example of other schools in Vancouver, Tecumseh Annex Parent Advisory Committee is co-ordinating a "read-in" this week to protest funding cuts to public education. In this bring-your-...

Special advisor puts government at the helm of Vancouver school cuts

As the Vancouver Board of Education proposes ways of dealing with its $18.1-million shortfall for 2010/11, Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid has appointed a governmental advisor to recommend...