Jessica Kalbfleisch

Jessica Kalbfleisch is a new Vancouver resident and recent graduate from the University of Guelph, where she studied English and social psychology. Before venturing to Vancouver from Ontario, she embarked on a four month travel of Southeast Asia, where she explored the beautiful countries of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. From this adventure she developed a great love of diverse cultures and food. In life, and in writing, she is passionate about the outdoors, travel, advice, health, and people.

Today's gang related shooting triggers emotional alarms in quiet Fairview Slopes

Tenth between Cambie and Oak is, at least on the surface, an unlikely setting for gang related shootings. The Cambridge Garden apartments at the corner of 10th and Ash are full of families with small...

East Vancouver stabbing lands two in custody

A man was arrested for allegedly stabbing another man near 1800 Franklin in East Vancouver last night just before midnight. Investigation is still underway but police also arrested the victim for...

Mayor Gregor Robertson joins call for electoral reform

Electoral reforms are needed to make politics more fair, says Mayor Gregor Robertson.

Harper to meet First Nations at chiefs summit

Harper will meet with First Nations representatives to discuss economic development, education, accountability in Ottawa.

Vancouver Christmas Market great place to find last minute Christmas gifts

"Enter through the gate and you're in a different world," says Vancouver Christmas Market president Malte Kluetz.