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Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Managing Director of Observer Media Group.  She is a special reports writer for National Observer.

Scientists call for oil sands development moratorium

In the prestigious science journal, the authors state that anything less than a moratorium on the Canadian oil sands indicates "failed leadership."

Citizenship bill reveals flaws in Canada's democratic process: critic

"If this is indicative of how they make decisions, that makes Northern Gateway and everything else suspect."

BC government ad campaign against teachers' demands backfires on social media

Earlier this week, the province put out full-page, front page ad in 24Hrs and tweeted an infographic saying "teachers deserve a fair wage but it needs to be affordable."  The infographic drew...

Four arrested at "No Enbridge" protest at Conservative MP's office

“I'd never even been to a protest until Northern Gateway came along and I began to learn about climate change,” said a mother and retired businesswoman arrested at the protest.

In their own words: demonstrators speak out against Harper's Enbridge pipeline decision

"Here, you see older people, people in suits, people from all walks of life. I think there's enough dissent in BC to stop this."
First Nations drummers on street after Northern Gateway decision - Mychaylo Prys

First Nations vow to bury Enbridge Northern Gateway in court

"We don't throw around the threat of litigation or protests lightly," said the Haida Nation president. "This is the time we will take the biggest stand of our lives."

Harper government approves Enbridge Northern Gateway in news release

Federal Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford announced the decision on the deeply controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline in a new release this afternoon. Neither were available for...
Natural Resource Minister Greg Rickford - Mychaylo Prystupa

Harper government okays Northern Gateway, over intense BC opposition

Aboriginal, northern, environmental and citizens groups are now gearing up for intense legal and protest actions to stop the pipeline, despite its federal approval.

BC landowner "crushed" by NEB's stonewalling on Kinder Morgan expansion

"I was crushed when I left the NEB building."

Harper government looks set to approve Enbridge Northern Gateway: Bloomberg

After all the grief Harper has given Obama on Keystone XL, a rejection or delay of Enbridge Northern Gateway looks unlikely.