Jarrah Hodge

Jarrah Hodge is a local blogger with a strong background in politics and women's studies. Her writing applies a gender lens to current events and Vancouver happenings.

How should we regulate sex work in Canada?

Earlier this week the BC Supreme Court ruled that former sex worker Sheryl Kiselbach and the Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence can challenge Canadian prostitution laws. This comes...

LACE Campaign Raises Pap Awareness

We’ve been told over and over that it’s important for women to get Pap tests to prevent cervical cancer, but disturbingly fewer women aged 20-29 are having the tests regularly. That’s why the BC...

The date rape test debate

This past week, Canadian pharmacies started stocking the Drink Detective, a portable kit the size of a credit card that women can use to detect the presence of date rape drugs in their drinks. My...

Women scientists experience gaps in pay and appointments

When the federal government appointed 19 men and zero women as Canada Excellence Research Chairs last month, it sparked a debate over gender equality in the sciences, and now the more...

Annalea Krebs leads "The Change"

25-year-old Annalea Krebs has created a social media platform where British Columbians can connect with socially and environmentally responsible businesses and organizations.

Vancouver women's groups up for Lilith Fair Money

I was 13 years old when I first went to Lilith Fair at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver. I was a huge fan of its founder, Vancouverite Sarah McLachlan, and I remember feeling so cool to be coming...

Policing Figure Skaters' Gender

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics might be the first one with a PRIDE House dedicated to “evoking change in homophobia in the sports culture” but last week’s men’s figure skating competition at Pacific...

The Politics of Sex Toys

Does Canada have a problem with chemicals in our sex toys? According to Toronto Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, the answer is yes. In December, Bennett wrote an open letter to Federal Health Minister Leon

Why December 6th Still Matters

I don’t remember the Montreal Massacre so I can understand why some people my age tend to ignore December 6th. Even among people who remember the shootings there can be a feeling that we don’t need to

Games Tarnished by Women's Exclusion

There’s a buzz in the air and it’s getting more noticeable by the day. You can’t ride the Skytrain, turn on the television, or walk into a mall without noticing the Olympics are going to be here awful