Jark Krysinski

Jark (”Yark”) is rhizomatic. He’s always been a writer, but now he’s also a Law Graduate, Realtor, Activist, Importer & Music lover. When he's not doing those things he runs a Italian Delicatessen in the heart of Main Street, at 4125 Main St, in Vancouver, BC.

His self-medication being cheese, music, or the reading of epic cases, activism, and journalism – you'll often find him tackling complex social issues in accessible language. Degreed in Philosophy & Linguistics (SFU), and Corporate Law (UBC Law & Sauder School of Business), when he’s not re-reading Deleuze and Guattari or Derrida for fun, he’s installing solar-panels at home, aruging over a scrabble game brekkie and, on a good day, when the sun is out till the night draws nigh, you'll find him sipping sangria and dancing up a storm to some of his fave electro-funk lineups (with a book in hand, of course).

In his mellow moments, he spends his spare time reading all your comments ;), so keep'em coming.