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Ingrid Bruggestrass

Ingrid Bruggestrass arrived in Vancouver at the end of September 2009 fresh from Melbourne after dumping 99% of her wardrobe, selling all her possessions and providing notice.

A story teller since the age of seven, Ingrid has a natural ability to inform, advise and entertain through her words. She writes blogs, feature articles, critiques, stories, advice columns and provides creative direction and styling. She views the world’s tiny details that others tend to gloss over, retelling a memory completely and accurately.  She is a believer in Robert Frost’s quote that “if there are no tears in the writer, there are no tears in the reader,” often finding the pen and paper became her private confidant and voice throughout her life.

Ingrid has won awards and commendations for both her short fiction and feature articles throughout her education, completing 4 years of a Bachelor of Science where she honed her technical and researching skills. Let down my the system upon entering the professional realm Ingrid spent the past twelve months marketing, publicising, writing, editing and critiquing for EVODENCE | aesthetic communication. She has now evolved into a fully fledged writing and journalism career out of pure initiative and passion, writing for a number of online publications in the visual arts and fashion.

Ingrid eats vegemite by the spoonful.

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