Indrus Piche

Indrus Piche is a therapist and spiritual director/midwife in private practice in Victoria and Vancouver. She has extensive experience and interests in areas relating to depth/transpersonal psychology and intimacy. Further information regarding her seminars and practice can be viewed at and

Indrus says:

Sexuality is where it all begins. It directly relates to all vital aspects of our life; our health, our sense of self, our emotional, psychological and spiritual well – being, and our most intimate relationships. And yet sex is still a subject that can be confusing, uncomfortable, and difficult for many to talk about.

Our life force energy can be the source of deep pleasure, joy, and play, as well as for some, a source of deep sorrow, guilt and shame. It often is both. Sexuality has the power to guide us to the zenith of our venerability and holds the potential for profound healing. The most natural of instincts is also naturally complex. There are few experiences that have the capacity to lift us to the pinnacle of human existence and take us down to the depths of human despair as sexuality and intimacy do.

Sex, intimacy, and relationships issues can be so multifarious that at times we hope they would just vanish. But experience has proved to me time after time, ignoring or repressing issues relating to this touchy subject tends to lead to sexuality’s shadow becoming more active.

Regardless of what your relationship to sexuality is, I believe a better understanding of that relationship is one of the most invaluable inquiries that humans can undertake. If we do not consciously ascertain the nature of our sexual, sensual selves can we honestly expect to grow in self -awareness?

Over the next months I will be offering some of the insights and understanding I have gained through my own journey with sexuality, as a therapist in private practice, a spiritual guide, and as a teacher and practicator of Tantra (sacred sexuality). I do not profess to have a full understanding of this complex topic, but look forward to exploring it further through these articles and your questions. Some of the topics I intent to discuss include:

· The demise of the lover archetype in our culture

· Can sexuality be both sexy and sacred

· Sexuality at mid life and beyond

· Pleasure and play are also our birthright

· Making love as a vehicle for expanded consciousness

I welcome any questions you have or suggested topics you would like discussed.

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