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Hamish Stewart

Hamish Stewart is the Legal Programme Manager at the Asset Owners Disclosure Project. All views and opinions expressed here are his alone.

Photo of oil pumps. Photo by CGP Grey

Let’s cut government fossil fuel subsidies and free up billions for more productive investment

With the US and China developing their own fully integrated natural gas systems, demand for BC gas is plummeting, as are global prices.

What’s in a name? Time to move beyond “British”?

Of course, the indigenous nations that lived here for thousands of years prior to smelly European sailors arriving in boats have played a preeminent role in the province’s history.

Are we still choking on the fumes of 20th century industrial policy?

The nature of Vancouver as a large conurbation extending up the Fraser Valley means that the problems are not going to go away without drastic policy action.

Drug policy from Zurich to Vancouver: more police, or more doctors?

In Canada, the federal government continues to pursue backward approaches to drug policy, funding prison expansion and fear-mongering communications campaigns...

When will Vancouver get a proper high-speed rail link that connects us to the rest of the West Coast?

What would it take to have fast, reliable, world-class rail service from Vancouver down the west coast? Is it too much to ask?

London, Vancouver, and Tokyo can share Olympic-sized lessons

Following London’s example, a major focus of planning for the Games is the “legacy,” something which the City of Vancouver knows about.