Dan McPeake

Dan is an actor, writer, filmmaker, blogger and radio host.  You can find his weekly radio series, Endeavours, on Mondays 5-6pm on CJSF 90.1fm or on www.cjsf.ca. You can also find his “underground reviewer” blog, Wilde Thing at irishbluejay.wordpress.com

Linda Svendsen Imagines Life At 24 Sussex

Most Canadians know that the Prime Minister lives at 24 Sussex Drive while Parliament is in session. But most Canadians probably couldn’t tell you what the inside of the first house looks like or...

Rob Stewart: activist, educator, filmmaker

To skeptics and “climate deniers”, Robert Stewart may just seem like another bleeding-heart environmentalist. But, the truth is in the numbers.

Magnified World

Debut novel: a journey through mental illness.

Remembering Raylene Rankin

She started thinking about mortality and how to stop being afraid of the ultimate fear.

Mehta and Rushdie weave intricate history

 I must confess, I’ve never read a Salman Rushdie book. Nor have I ever seen a Deepa Mehta film. The latter is more shocking considering what a film nerd I am and the fact that my parents were...

Burnaby chess whiz winning at boy's game

Ashley Tapp fidgets on the grass at the PNE. Like most 12-year-olds, she would rather be off in her own world then sitting with this then curly-haired interviewer who has a habit of elongating his...

Saul Williams: Poet to the People

It’s 2:00 am on a Saturday night. Just outside the Metro Theatre in Victoria, where Day 3 of Rifflandia has just wrapped up. About an hour earlier, patient fans were ushered in to an already over-...

Abbotsford's Victoria Duffield hits it big

At just 17, Victoria Duffield has already reached a peak many artists dream about. She has had a hit single on MuchMusic, guest-starred on not one, but three hit TV shows, and just finished touring...

Olympic medalist and SFU student Jasmin Glaesser shares pre-race rituals

Jasmin Glaesser, a 19-year-old SFU computer science student, shares her pre-race rituals and a technicality that almost kept her out of the Olympics.

Die Roten Punkte brings spectacular rock to The Cultch

With Astrid looking like a 24th-century Elizabeth I and Otto resembling a futuristic hippie, their near sold-out show at Cultch was quickly turning into a groove fest.