Colin Chau

Colin Chau dabbles in the areas of federal politics, foreign policy, international security, and terrorist profiling.  He believes that beneath lofty societal philosophies are dispassionate and impersonal geopolitical forces that drive the imperatives of disparate interest groups. He was born in Vancouver, BC.

Twitter: @cpcolinchau

China's censorship comes at too high a cost

The Chinese government has undertaken extensive efforts to stifle the private intelligence industry for the sake of national security, but it may come at a high cost.

Hong Kong and China tensions: one country, two solitudes

Earlier this year, The Diplomat magazine published an article about a televised rant by Kong Qingdong, a Peking University professor of literature, against Hong Kong, who denounced Mandarin...

Implosion or explosion? What's next for the "new" regime in North Korea?

From peaceful assimilation to all-out nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, international security experts make their best predictions for the future of North Korea after the death of Kim Jong-il.

Rethinking international affairs: A call for a multidisciplinary approach

Troubled times call for creative thinking. And 2012 will be no exception.

Richmond First municipal party's email blunder: Cat bit our tongue

2011 Municipal Election: Perhaps now, partisanship is no secret to the intelligence of Richmond's residents.

LGBT organization: John Cummins "out of touch with reality”

Newly elected B.C. Conservative Party leader and former 18-year Conservative MP (Richmond-East) John Cummins caused a storm of controversy when he said that sexual orientation is a "choice issue" on...