Christopher Cheung

Christopher Cheung is a Vancouverite, born and raised, but still learns new things about his home every day and finds there are no shortage of new stories to tell in the city. He is a freelancer with bylines in the Vancouver Courier and South China Morning Post and is currently a masters journalism student at UBC set to graduate in 2016. He has reported on Vancouver's Asia-Pacific connections, migration, development in changing neighbourhoods, and quirky cultures of the city from zines to skimboarding, beekeeping to food carts.

He received the Jack Webster Student Journalism Student Award in 2014 for his work in the province, where he hopes to continue doing journalism in the future. In his spare time, you might find him eating noodles. Follow him on twitter: @chrischeungtogo

Michael Ching, Interpol, Corruption charge, Republic of China

Vancouver developer pursued by Interpol for corruption in China

As China continues its hunt for corrupt officials who have fled the country, a suspect has been identified on the other side of the Pacific: a prominent property developer in Vancouver.  The...