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Christina Montgomery

Christina Montgomery is former writer and editor for Vancouver Observer. 

Pickton investigation botched because of poor leadership: Report

Vancouver police force's top brass weren't paying attention, says independent study.

Asbestos torches legendary Tory solidarity

More and more MPs uneasy with Harper's decision to continue exporting asbestos. And they don't mind letting the world know.

Is polygamy constitutional? BC court rules this week

Appeal all but certain as Bountiful commune case puts Charter to test.

Sid the Kid is back

It's been a long 10 months since he was sidelined by a concussion, but Crosby's back on the ice.

The big chill: Another Canadian myth laid to rest

Turns out Canucks aren't all obsessed by the weather. We want our forecasts to be accurate, but we don't care that much what they predict.

Thousands of cancers, or none? We may never know the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Ordinary rates of cancer are so high that thousands of cases from Japanese disaster may fly under the radar.

Occupy the Igloo?

Icy Occupy-style igloo village planned to protest inequality as World Economic Forum meets in Switzerland.

Cheap Canadian tablet aims to bring Internet to the entire world

"Of course it's not an iPad, but for hundreds of millions of people, it's a godsend."

Carr takes surprise council seat as final poll goes Green

Campaign focused on affordable rentals paid off for first-time candidate.

Enjoy that pack of nuts, economy class. Up front, it's lemon mahi-mahi

American airlines investing big bucks to hold on to high fliers. Preflight champagne, flat-screen TVs and seats that turn into beds are just a start.