Christina Montgomery

Christina Montgomery is former writer and editor for Vancouver Observer. 

Meet Vision Vancouver park board candidate Sarah Blyth

Vancouver municipal elections 2011: Blyth's priorities are healthy, affordable community spaces and finding a creative way to make things happen in tight financial times.

Rerouting Keystone pipeline not enough, critics say

"We've saved the aquifer, now we've got the world's atmosphere to protect."

Hell no, Occupy Toronto won't go

Defiant protesters refuse to honour eviction orders: "They'll have to kill me first".

Right-to-die court debate takes a wrenching personal turn

Some terminally ill patients plead for right to choose assisted suicides; others beg for right to have lives protected.

Male candidates with deep voices pull more votes

No word yet on female voices -- although Margaret Thatcher did try to deepen her own delivery.

Assisted-suicide debate hits Vancouver courtroom

Sue Rodgriguez, who suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease, is arguing for her right to an assisted suicide. It's a debate that divides the country.

Conservatives end four years of denial, plead guilty to illegal campaign spending

As court orders maximum fine of $52,000, Liberals ask: Did Tories buy Harper's victory?

Canada locked out of new trans-Pacific trading block

But we'd like to be let in. And it looks like Harper is trying to get that to happen.

Displaced Occupy Halifax protesters demand mayor resign

Hundreds protest Remembrance Day evictions, allege police roughed them up.

LOST CANADIANS: The political timeline

1867: Canada is born, a child of the British North America Act. 1868: Canadians gain their first identity as British subjects but Canadian "nationals” under the Canadian Nationals Act. In language...