Christabel Shaler


Christabel began writing for the Vancouver Observer after she took a writing workshop with Linda Solomon in February 2009. The @EthicalHustle is a series of stories about creative solutions to personal, social and economic struggle. For more information, please visit:

Inez Jasper, 2010 Juno nominee and Aboriginal People's Choice winner, balances music and motherhood

Inez acknowledges the importance of a supportive family when pursuing multiple dreams.

'Up With Hope' Addresses Waste Management Issues in Kenya Through Three East Vancouver Guys and the Environmental Youth Alliance

The underlying concept of ‘Up With Hope’ is best deciphered through the story of a twenty-year-old Kenya resident named Kaka (which is Swahili for brother). He is the leader of the Mathare...

Democracy Now Reports on the Dissenting Voices of the Vancouver 2010 Games: An Interview with Reporter Aaron Maté

Democracy Now's Aaron Maté  discusses his report on the Olympics, titled "In the Shadow of the Olympic Flame: A Report from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, the Poorest Neighbourhood in...

A Tour of Tent Village on the Downtown Eastside, Guided By Ivo (age 17)

Ivo takes Christabel Shaler on a tour of the tent village as he discusses his personal perspective on a demonstration to highlight homelessness on the Downtown Eastside.

Crowd Packs Show on Opening Night of 'Here is Now' at Chapel Arts: An Exhibit of Fresh, Young History-Makers

On opening night, the line-up for HERE IS NOW spilled down Dunlevy Avenue. The show was packed before 11pm and eventually the fire marshalls had to shut it down.  If you couldn't make it to...

Street Kids Gain Access to New Media While Mayor Gregor Robertson and EA Sports Cut the Ribbon on New Opportunities

On Wednesday, January 13th, Mayor Gregor Robertson cut the ribbon on the new media room at Directions Youth Services, funded by EA Sports, an award winning developer of sports video games including...

Gregor Robertson and Rain City Housing Provide More Shelters Despite Tight Timelines, Budget Cuts and Controversy

When a reporter asked whether residents could stop shelters from entering their area, Robertson unapologetically said, “No.”

Lee Matasi's Birthday Celebration, Four Years After His Murder

Lee Matasi was killed on December 3rd of 2005, outside the Red Room Nightclub in Downtown Vancouver. He was killed because Dennis White decided to get wasted and go to the club with a gun. Lee...

Burnkit Ad Campaign Increases Donations to Union Gospel Mission

Advertising Agency, Burnkit, donated $12,500 in creative services to Union Gospel Mission, resulting in ads that are making Vancouver rethink homelessness.

Little Mountain's Gentrification: An Interview With Vancouver City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth

I remember seeing Ellen Woodsworth at Main and 33rd supporting residents as they protested against the demolition of their homes. As time progressed, developers became more aggressive with their "...