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Charles Macurdy

Charles was born and raised in Vancouver. For over a decade, he worked as a chef before leaving the industry to attend university. Charles has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from UBC. He has written on a range of culinary topics, such as food trends and cooking to restricted diets, and has published numerous original recipes. He has also written extensive criticism, covering television, film, and music, with a particular focus on television comedy as a developing art form. His most recent work is as a culture critic and humorist in his blog, The Red Couch Report. Charles is committed to fostering respectful, intelligent, and rational democratic discourse. Failing that, he is prepared to supplement the conversation with jokes.

A guide to understanding the American conversation about guns

Oh, Piers Morgan, will you ever learn? Sure, he sat there like a professional while Alex Jones had an apparent bout of rabies on the chair next to him, but won’t Piers ever learn that Americans need...

Don’t sell your stuff, NASA says the world will not end next Friday

The Mayan Apocalypse is all but debunked. But that doesn't mean that we need to give up on the end of the world. Remember that, when it comes to the apocalypse, we have plenty of options.

Why the Australian DJs should never have made that call to Kate's nurse

The Australian DJ prank which led to a suspected suicide has set the internet on fire. And yet the most fundamental questions around the topic of free speech are almost completely ignored.

How to be super stupid and super smart about the apocalypse

For those of you who continue to doubt the dangers of a zombie apocalypse, consider the following story. 26-year-old Jared Gurman of Long Island was arrested this week on a charge of attempted murder...

When the zombies come, will your kitchen be ready?

The world's ending, zombies are everywhere, you still gotta eat. Prepare your pantry for the apocalypse now.

Revived Futurama goes philosophical

The new Futurama has produced some of the series’ best work, removing any fears of a half-hearted revival.

Guy Fieri’s comeuppance is my Schadenfreude

Guy Fieri was deeply offended by a scathing review in the New York Times. He also appears to be blissfully unaware that he had it coming.

Why Lena Dunham should not have apologized

Lena Dunham has gotten herself into plenty of trouble with her tweets. Even though the jokes were not funny and the subject matter provocative, she should not have had to apologize for it.

Gluten-free fried chicken and kefir

If you have never tried kefir, it is a yogurt-like milk product. It is more acidic than the average yogurt and much more liquid. It’s best consumed as a drink, but I also enjoy it over my homemade...

Even with Dennis Quaid as lead, Vegas fails

Keep in mind that I love Westerns and have always been fascinated by Las Vegas and its seedy history.