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Charles Macurdy

Charles was born and raised in Vancouver. For over a decade, he worked as a chef before leaving the industry to attend university. Charles has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from UBC. He has written on a range of culinary topics, such as food trends and cooking to restricted diets, and has published numerous original recipes. He has also written extensive criticism, covering television, film, and music, with a particular focus on television comedy as a developing art form. His most recent work is as a culture critic and humorist in his blog, The Red Couch Report. Charles is committed to fostering respectful, intelligent, and rational democratic discourse. Failing that, he is prepared to supplement the conversation with jokes.

Television’s top 5 apocalypse survival lessons

When the time comes, will you be ready? Just in case, here are five apoca-rific survival lessons from our friends on television.

Easy gluten-free homemade corn tortillas

No more bags of dry, stale tortillas. Make your own for a fraction of the price, and enjoy a tastier and healthier version of this fun bread treat.

Zombie survival class cancelled, children left untrained for apocalypse

Despite the fantastic popularity of all things zombie, an Oregon middle school has cancelled zombie preparedness class. But what of the children? And their brains?

Barley bread is a happy surprise

For years, we have heard about barley's nutritional upside. But did you know that it makes a tasty bread?

Step aside firearms: it’s the great soda debate

Even with a third of its citizens medically obese, Mississippi legislators have passed an anti-Bloomberg law, banning restrictions on portion sizes.

Rhonda Fields stands up to threats and name-calling in the gun control debate

Rep Rhonda Fields has been getting attacked politically over her distant past. She is also being called stupid. Here are three recent cases to explain why this name-calling is a mistake.

Vancouver restaurant review: Seb’s Breakfast

Recently, I stopped by the iconic East Van eatery for breakfast where I was served a plateful of culinary sins.

Religion has no place in same-sex marriage debate

The strangest thing happens when you bring up the idea of gay marriage. Straight people start complaining about how it effects them. I have always struggled to understand how same-sex marriage could...

Long Table introduces micro-distilling to Vancouver

A gin and tonic with Long Table distillery's gin reminds you how complex this drink can be.

Some technical terminology for the gun debate

With over 2,000 gun deaths in the U.S. since Sandy Hook, it is time to lay down a bit of technical language.