Cassandra MacLeane

Cassandra MacLeane is a professional psychic based in Vancouver. To book a phone or an in-person reading, visit

What The Heck? It's November.

Numerology uses numbers to predict life cycles. We are all beginning to experience the energy of the next cycle year, even though it doesn’t officially begin until January 1, 2010, and we are still un

October's Psychic Reading by Vancouver's Most Gifted Numerologist

October is a magical month, and not just for ghosts and goblins. It is the first small wave of the energy of your next cycle year. You will find yourself walking between the worlds. Peek behind the...

Your Numerology Cycles: Oct. 1-15

October 1–15 October is a mini preview of what you will experience in 2010. Be an observer this month. If you keep your eyes and ears wide open, you will catch glimpses of what is to come. Numerology...

Your Numerology Cycles: Sept. 1-15

This is an “Oh, my God” month for everyone. The ninth month of the year is intense beyond intense. Fasten your seat belt and expect emotions to be magnified, no matter where you are in your cycle....