Carrie Saxifrage

Carrie Saxifrage is the author of The Big Swim, a collection of nonfiction stories centered on community in the age of climate change to be released in February by New Society Books.  Ruth Ozeki has called The Big Swim, "utterly delightful - a laugh out-loud, moving book I will share with people everywhere I go."  Carrie Saxifrage was the Sustainability Reporter for The Vancouver Observer for four years, before moving on to a career as a book writer.


Tzeporah Berman gives pointers to young would-be environmental activists

At the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, activist Tzeporah Berman met with a downcast Canadian Youth Delegation. Harper’s government had punched far above its weight to ensure a meaningless...

US Department of Defense and the Rocky Mountain Institute: Energy security makes strange bedfellows

What do a famous environmental scientist and the US Department of Defense have to offer each other? Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute has promoted energy systems based on...

Happy birthday, Carbon Talks

Carbon Talks formally launches today with its new website. It’s a project of Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue in association with three other faculties and was created to “accelerate the...

American energy experts advocate Cascadia supergrid for energy trading

Europe Plans a "Supergrid" to allow efficient trading of intermittent sources of renewable energy. Is Cascadia next?

City: More bikers means fewer accidents

“Biking here isn’t safe. Four friends of mine have been killed biking in Vancouver.”  A friend responded emphatically to a piece in which I stated that bike lanes are an important step toward...

Rewilding the World author Tim Flannery optimistic that humans will meet climate challenge

Evolutionary legacy of cooperation suggests that selfish upright apes may become Superorganism and Will Rewild the World

Will Christy Clark kill BC's climate-change policies?

B.C. politics is littered with the dashed careers of politicians left and right who tried to kill Campbell’s popular climate-change policies. Will Premier Clark be next?

TransLink's alternatives for transit on Broadway corridor to UBC

I asked Jeff Busby, the project manager for TransLink’s Broadway Corridor public input process, which of the alternatives he favoured. “I just want the public to have a strong understanding of the...

McKibben tells Vancouverites: Help Close the Tar Sands

As part of a free public lecture series, The Vancouver Institute hosted Bill McKibben last weekend. McKibben has been called "the nation's leading environmentalist" by the Boston Globe and "the...