Brian Powell

Super Car

Photographer [Brian Powell ] continues with his "Super Car" series, with a view from the backseat.

Police and Pols Proudly Mix with Dazzling Gay Vancouver

A police motorcycle brigade kicked off the Gay Pride Parade in Vancouver today, followed by dykes on bikes and a host of colourful, flamboyant floats. Crowds on Robson yelped with pleasure as...

A Brigade of Women on Bikes Helps Open Gay Pride Day Parade

This woman was part of a brigade of riders who tore down Robson to a cheering crowd. Photo by Brian Powell

Super Buff

This man represented a personal training company and ran up Denman, delighting onlookers of both genders with his super hero body. Photo by Brian Powell

Fireworks Over English Bay

Rivers of people flowed towards the beach on Denman last night, after police closed it off in preparation for fireworks. Thousands stood on the beach and watched the breathtaking display. Photo by...

Underwear-Clad Models in Stilettos Stop Traffic in Vancouver

They stopped traffic and stunned passersby. When Twin Syndrome Design Works launched their new underwear line during an off-the-cuff fashion show at a downtown Vancouver intersection last night,...

Fireworks in Vancouver Dazzle Onlookers

Fireworks over English Bay marked one of summer's most spectacular pleasures in ever-wonderful Vancouver. Photo by Brian Powell

Cat Lake Feet

Summertime, and the livin' is easy. Easier. Easy for some. Easy for this guy, floating on Cat Lake near Squamish. Photo by [Brian Powell]

Sea to Sky Highway Cuts Through Mountain as Road Widens

Even mountains apparently must move out of the way to accommodate the anticipated hundreds of thousands of visitors to the 2010 Winter Games. This photograph of the widening road on the Sea to Sky...