Brad Henderson

Brad Henderson's epitaph will be: Who so loved – believed the impossible could be achieved. Henderson is from the Dene First Nation, born in Fort St. John and raised on Vancouver Island. He wrote movie reviews for Jasper’s only independent publication, The Fitzhugh. 

Canada's 2010 federal budget does not invest in the change needed in First Nation education, Atleo says

All I have to do is say "The 2010 Federal Budget" and people's eyes glaze over.  They look at me like I'm Buzz Killington.  But for those of you who are still with me, here is a summary...

Fourteen receive recognition in the 17th Annual Aboriginal Achievement Awards

In addition to recognition of achievement, National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation is the largest non-governmental source of education funding for Canadian First Nations people. 8,400 First...

Corbett George: the Man, the Life, the Eldest Son

”Assimilation” is not a good word for me, but it will take time for us to understand each other. Ethnicity is everywhere...we've taken in a lot of cultures...we see it everywhere, through computers an

All Are Friends and Welcome Here

As is the customs of all First Nations people, “I bid you all welcome” to the first posting of the First Nations blog entitled Welcome. Firstly, I wish to thank founding editor-in-chief Linda...