Beth Hong

Beth is a former Associate Editor at The Vancouver Observer. She is currently a writer and freelance journalist. Follow her @beth_hong.

Teen girl's online petition makes Seventeen keep it real

A teenager from Maine declared victory in her campaign to bring unaltered images of girls and young women to Seventeen Magazine, and is now setting her sights on doing the same with Teen Vogue. 14...

HBO's The Newsroom sputters at the start, but looks promising

As a fresh journalism school graduate, I had high hopes for The Newsroom, the latest series from Aaron Sorkin (creator and writer of The West Wing and The Social Network). The show is about the crew...

Americans who want to 'move to Canada' because of Obamacare

A rash of tweets broke across Twitter from Americans who announced their plans to move to Canada to get away from 'Obamacare' this week. Here, some of the best reactions to the tweets.

Should you airbrush your Facebook portrait?

If you don't like the way your face looks in photos, there's an app for that. In addition to this disheartening trend of 'airbrushing' apps that encourage you to edit your face to look like you're on...

Opposition MPs prepare for battle against new Omnibus legislation in the fall

While the House of Commons adjourned for the summer on Thursday, opposition MPs are already busy preparing a battle plan against the Harper government in the fall. Liberal MP Marc Garneau tabled the...

Vancouver Board of Change panel on women and business

What impact do women have in making businesses more successful and sustainable? This will be the question asked at a Vancouver Board of Change panel called Women & Leadership in the New Economy...

Pattison Outdoor Advertising's rejection of Greenpeace ad provokes angry backlash

The Pattison billboard company refused to run a Greenpeace ad that read: When there's a huge solar energy spill, it's just called a nice day.

Storify: reactions to Alberta oil pipeline spill

For the third time this year, Canadians woke up to news of an oil spill in Alberta. On June 18 an Enbridge Inc. pipeline leaked an estimated 230,000 litres of crude oil in Alberta.

Opposition and environmental groups express outrage as Bill C-38 goes to Senate

Members of the Canadian federal government's opposition parties and environmental groups across Canada reacted with renewed vigor against the Harper government's proposed omnibus budget Bill C-38 on...