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Beth Hong

Beth is a former Associate Editor at The Vancouver Observer. She is currently a writer and freelance journalist. Follow her @beth_hong.

Second omnibus budget bill alters Navigable Waters Protection Act

The second omnibus, introduced today in the House, removes pipelines from the list of "obstacles" in navigable waters such as lakes.

Canada-China FIPPA agreement may be unconstitutional, treaty law expert says

Giving China the right to sue BC if it changes course on Enbridge Northern Gateway could be unconstitutional, warns international investment law expert Gus Van Harten.

Secret committee meetings harm Canadian democracy, say critics

Conservative MPs are abusing their party's majority power in the House by voting to take committee meetings in camera, allege opposition MPs and veteran journalists.
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Chinese companies can sue BC for changing course on Northern Gateway, says policy expert

The biggest foreign trade treaty since NAFTA will come into effect on Nov. 1 for the next three decades. What does it mean for BC?

Burnaby mayor slams Kinder Morgan and Harper government at town hall

The federal and provincial governments must be accountable to the concerns of Canadians when it comes to Kinder Morgan, Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan says.

Cautious optimism about gondola in Squamish

On a gorgeous Sunday on and around The Chief, the Vancouver Observer found more people for Squamish's proposed gondola project than against it. Here's why.

Gangnam Style parody: Mitt Romney Style (video)

Just when you thought Gangnam Style was fading away––there's Mitt Romney Style.

Conservative omnibus tactics "make a mockery of Parliament": Cullen

Anything the Conservative government doesn't want the public to know about will likely end up in the next omnibus bill, says opposition MP Nathan Cullen.

Obama professorial, Romney presidential at debate

Obama stunned during the debates by letting Romney take control.