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Barry Saxifrage

Barry Saxifrage researches, charts and writes about the latest climate change information for the Vancouver Observer and other publications. Much of his work can be found on his website, Visual Carbon.

Cooking up a dead planet

The average Canadian or American unleashes an inferno of climate heat equal to the searing blast of heat coming off an 8,000-barrel-a-day oil fire. That isn’t hyperbole or a misprint. That really is...

Record-breaking temperatures in Asia lead to death and climate instability

Only two places on earth have ever been hotter than Asia is today. One is Death Valley.

BC sucks: welcome to Oil 2.0

The cheap and easy stuff is gone. Welcome to Oil 2.0   The days of drilling shallow wells on nice flat land and extracting oil for a few dollars a barrel have come and gone. What is...

Icelandic volcanic air traffic disruption reduced humanity's carbon footprint by...not much

Here's the breakdown, plus a little note for the future: Katla's the one to watch.

Why Bother? Here's Why

A very interesting response to the theme of the Specter's "Big Foot" article appeared in this Sunday's NYTimes Magazine. Michael Pollan wrote an article titled "Why Bother?"...

BC Salmon's Future Tenuous Without Emission Reduction

"Keep your knees up so you don't whack 'em as you fly over the boulders." So I was ready for that…but not for the cold. As our two Cortes families swam out into the swift and rolling...