Anja Konjicanin

Anja is the Social CEO of The Vancouver Observer and writer with an interest in current events, celebrity gossip and everything pop-culture related.

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Keep the "laughing statues", urges petition

Fourteen tall, bronze men glimmer in the Vancouver sun, overlooking the sea at English Bay. The statues, called "A-maze-ing Laughter", are one of the iconic sights in the city. You might have even...

Kony buzz perplexes observers from Africa

"The war (in Uganda) was more than just one man killing children," said a Ugandan journalist. "It was much more complex than just one man called Joseph Kony."

Mayor Gregor Robertson on the passing of Jim Green

Jim Green, defender of the poor, activist, politician, football-lover, died Tuesday morning. He was 68 years old, and was battling lung cancer. "It is with great sadness...

Yumemiru, the iPhone app that can control your dreams (maybe)

A new iPhone app claims to be able to influence your dream, be it to fall in love or to get rich. Is there anything an app can't do?

#TellVicEverything reveals everything Vic Toews never wished to know about Canadians

In response to the Public Safety Minister's "spying" bill, Canadians have started spamming his twitter feed with irrelevant details of their personal lives.

Home Front: Canada's housing markets keep a steady pace

Canada's housing markets are forecast to remain steady for another two years, according to a new report released on Monday. The national housing agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (...

WTF is Pinterest?

Pin images you find on the web on the online pinboard "Pinterest," and create a community for "the things you love." Like Furniture. Simply, find a photo, and rake it with a "Pin It" button. The...

Cooking at Dirty Apron culinary school

Beginner cooks mingled with professional chefs to produce some delectable Italian food at The Dirty Apron.

Babylon dance party at the Waldorf Hotel: photos

Vancouver's party-goers danced the night away at the coolest place in Vancouver: The Waldorf.

What's on at the Vancouver Aquarium | Feb. 4-10

From the Shark Penthouse to truffes au chocolat, here are all the upcoming things to watch for at the Vancouver Aquarium.