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High gas prices, take a hike

Are Metro Vancouver's gas prices getting ridiculous?  With summer on its way, are drivers in the city worried that the pricey situation may just get pricier?VO throws the question to Twitter...

Tori Spelling's new pet pig

90210's Tori Spelling has a new pet. It's a pig named Hank. “We got Hank from a couple that were moving to a place that couldn't have pets," said Spelling. "Hank is super smart." Spelling and her...

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology film back on track

Scientology is getting big-screen attention. Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, The Master, is inspired by the controversial  religious movement, which counts big Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise...

Whitney Houston to cleanse herself of drugs and alcohol

Whitney Houston has entered rehab. "She's cleansing herself to get ready for a new movie," a source told TMZ. Actress Angela Bassett revealed earlier today that she is to work with Whitney Houston on...

Jennifer Lopez will "need an eyelift"

Jennifer Lopez will "need an eyelift" once 'American Idol' concludes. "I'm going to need an eye lift when this show is over. All I do is cry all the time," Lopez was found quoted by National Enquirer...

BookNet Canada's April bestseller lists

A new month, a new set of popular books.

What Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner left behind

For Squamish, life's a little sadder and a little saner now that Twilight's gone.

Fan reflects on meeting Twilight cast and crew in B.C.

"Vancouver will always be connected to Twilight to ME!" says Mallory Proverbs

Lady Gaga feels like a "loser kid in high school"

But not to worry. She reminds herself daily that she's really a superstar.

Conservatives aren't cool: Justin Trudeau

DECISION 2011: For those who can't get enough Justin Trudeau, we follow up our last report on his visit to Vancouver with another story and pictures.