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Royal Canadian landing and a gushing prince

Prince William and Catherine Middleton touch Canadian soil, message from the Prince and the itinerary.

Meet Robert Gorcak, creator of Vancouver Riot Pics Facebook page

"This will be a lesson to future generations that, hey, if you act like this, yes your family will be embarrassed, yes, your family is going to be involved. I don't think you're going to see a...

Canada Post gets back to work

Eager snail mail awaiters can expect to start seeing Post Canada trucks parked in front of their yards as early as tomorrow. It's back to work for Canada Post. The mailboxes are to be unsealed today...

Lady Gaga's a total Madonna

"I do like Lady Gaga; she's a total Madonna; she's the Nicki Minaj to Lil Kim," said iamch0pper on #LadyGaga's Twitter feed. The 25-year-old self-proclaimed fame hooker is all about originality. Her...

Greater Vancouver Bangladesh Cultural Association leader calls attack on UBC student in Bangladesh "inhuman"

"It was inhuman," said Abdul Kalam Azad, general secretary of the Greater Vancouver Bangladesh Cultural Association, of the attacks against a female UBC student by her husband in Bangladesh.  On...

Vancouver rioters feel the burn after outing on social media

When professional biker Alex Prochazka, aka Alex Pro, stuck his tongue out and posed in front of a car during the Vancouver riots, his career burned up as fast as the car behind him. 

After riots, Facebook commentators weigh in on Brand Vancouver

"I'm not sure how many people caught any of the Car Free festivals that happened this past weekend but this is the real Vancouver energy," Jerry Sparrow answered. VO polls Vancouver on its future.

Michael Bublé sets out to catch Vancouver riot troublemakers

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé wants justice for the Vancouver riots -- and he's willing to pay for it. The singer has vowed to help finance efforts to arrest the criminals who caused damage to the...

Granville bar and liquor store owners reflect on role of alcohol during Vancouver riots

While the alcohol stores closed their doors early, bars remained opened. "It was our busiest day of the year. It was bonkers," says Paul Hickey, bartender at Jimmys Tap House.

CNN calls Vancouver "Loser City"

Ouch. And just yesterday, we were the most livable city. Here's the best from a bad day for Brand Vancouver.