Alfred Siu

Currently working as a real estate agent, Alfred aspires to pursue the art of cocktail in a late night position as a bartender. Extremely passionate about craft cocktails, he often journeys through the fine bars of Vancouver and samples the very best cocktails Vancouver has to offer. 

Lynchburg Lemonade: sunshine in a drink

Spring has arrived, and this bright drink will help you enjoy the sunny days on the patio. This cocktail hails from Lynchburg, Tennessee, a city that sees more sunshine than rain. Best of all,...

St. Patrick's Day cocktail: orange chocolate dream with Bailey's

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on Sunday. To celebrate the occasion, here is a cocktail recipe featuring Baileys Irish Cream.  This dessert drink is creamy and yields a subtle orange flavour...

Recipe for a classic margarita for National Margarita Day

It's Friday, but that's not the only reason to have a drink: today happens to be National Margarita Day. There are many variations of this classic Mexican cocktail. It can be served with ice, blended...

Recipe for Amaretto/Bourbon Sour

Amaretto/Bourbon Sour. A twist on a delightful classic.