Alfred DePew

Alfred DePew’s day job consists of training executive leaders and their organizations in change management, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, diversity, non-toxic communication, and implementing vision. He is on the faculty of Center for Right Relationship, for whom he delivers advanced training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. He is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, leadership training, staff development, team building, and retreat facilitation. For more information see his website or read his regular blog, “Relationship Matters”.

Before moving to Vancouver in 2007, DePew taught at the Maine College of Art, the Salt Center for Documentary Studies, and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. His first book of stories, The Melancholy of Departure, won a Flannery O’Connor Award. His second book, Wild & Woolly: A Journal Keeper’s Handbook is available to Canadian readers through his website and at a few local independent bookstores. His third book, another collection of short fiction, is in search of a publisher—got any ideas?


Inside the Chocolate Factory in Time for Valentine's Day

“I can’t believe it,” says Glenn Knowles. “That I’ve turned into a chocolatier after 20 years working in finance. I believe it because I can see it. I’m just awestruck that I’m turning out beautiful c

This Writer’s Life: The Practice of Fiction

That’s what keeps us writing. We want to find out what happens next.

Buffooning Around with Trilby Jeeves

"Buffoons want to expose us to ourselves. In making fun of us, they want us to smarten up."

Julia James and The Mini-Retreat Solution

When Julia James was working on her Masters Thesis in Physical Geography at UBC, she noticed that most of her best ideas came to her when she got up to use the washroom. A different quality of...

Becoming Still

The aim is to get beyond the “monkey mind.” My fear is always that it’s nothing but monkeys as far as the mind can see.

Eldership Circles

The notion of eldership circles is ancient—the bringing together of the collective wisdom of a group or tribe in service of the greater whole has been around, I would venture, as long as humanity.

Barbara McAfee: Inciting Radical Aliveness Through Song

Barbara McAfee teaches people to sing—sometimes as many as 1,500 at a time—from 50 different countries—in English—a round, no less—in about 20 minutes.

Vancouver State of the Arts: Alive and Well and Living on the Eastside

Community - essential, wide-ranging, friendly, democratic. The spirit of a community in action, aware of itself, celebrating even as it voices serious concerns for its future...

Studio Notes

Last week in the studio, we could see the agitation in Burrard Inlet. Large, rolling waves washed up all sorts of debris; the sky changed rapidly—rain coming, for sure.

Zeitgeist and the Berlin Wall

On the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I’m aware of not only the spirit of that time, but also a difficult-to-name energy at work around last month’s announcement of the Nobel Peace...