Alan O'Sullivan

Alan is a journalism student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. He has a degree in political science and history from the same school, where he focused his studies on international relations and war theory—two disciplines uniquely suited to covering professional sports, obviously.

He can be reached at [email protected], and followed on Twitter at @alanzero.

With Winter Classic cancellation, NHL proves to be own worst enemy

The NHL leadership is after only one kind of agreement: one that involves the NHLPA begging on its hands and its knees.

Canucks' winger Kassian is a lockout 'winner'

As far as the Vancouver Canucks forward ranks go, Zack Kassian is clearly the principle up-and-comer—a young and plastering power forward with surprising quickness and gifted hands. At just 21 years...

Nothing to Fehr? Glimmers of hope despite NHL lockout setback

Will the parties in the NHL dispute conclude that sharing a 3.3 billion-dollar pie is better than letting it maggot-laden mush?

NHL lockout is robbing Canucks fans of Sedins' finite superstardom

The mood around Vancouver with regard to the Canucks and how the NHL lockout effects them has been mixed, to say the least—the arguments full of caveat and asterisk and couched in maybes and what-ifs...

With lockout, NHL is starving itself

In an age of instant and 24/7 multi-platform demand, the current NHL lockout risks separating fan from product in a way which transcends the simple consumption of sport.