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Miss604 is Vancouver

Rebecca Bollwitt is well-known by social networkers as Miss604. That's the name of her [popular and engaging blog.] She’s a founding partner in sixty4media, a social media consulting and web development firm she runs with her husband, John Bollwitt. Miss604 stopped twittering last week to have coffee with Linda Solomon at the Elysian Café on Broadway and Ash. Well, not completely.

Linda Solomon: How long have you been"Miss 604?"

Rebecca Bollwitt: Since 2004, though I’ve always been in the online media career. My first job was doing streaming audio and webcasting with a start up out of Vancouver. They created and from there they wanted to create a spin-off. So for their spinoff they hired me. [It was] me in a warehouse basement with phones and computers everywhere in Southeast False Creek.

We syndicated our broadcasts, then it started growing and growing and I ended up with fifty people under me, running this operation. From there we were bought by a Boston company and they wanted to move every single thing to Boston. They let everybody go but moved me to do what I was doing again in Boston. That’s where I got the Miss604, so I could associate myself back with Vancouver while I was there.

I moved back to Vancouver in the fall of 2003 and worked with another audio streaming company. In the fall of 04’ I started Miss604 at and then I bought the domain in the spring.

I met my husband online through a photo sharing site like Flickr. It was a travel photo site. I had photos from Europe and he had photos from Iowa, which is where he’s from. We were both contacts and we emailed back and forth before we met in the States while on vacation, and we were like, yeah this can go somewhere.

His name is John and he works in video. He was working for an NPR affiliate in Iowa and currently he works for Chum.

He blogs about his life, at John; he’s a little more “tech-y” than me. He blogs about hockey and baseball and one of his most popular posts right now is about building his own over the air HDTV antenna. He built it out of coat hangers and we hang it out the window. We get CBC, CTV and Global.

Last summer I decided to do it fulltime, managing our company: Sixty4media. We do Wordpress websites, Wordpress development of websites, themes, tutorials, consulting, and general social media consulting. Why you would want to be on Facebook and how it would help your business. Why you would want to Twitter and how it could help your business.
My site is the face of our company, it shows the power of social media and how it can be used for personal or business purposes.

Solomon: What if you wanted to find the love of your life through Twitter, do you think a person could?

It’s limited to 140 characters so it’s meant to build and create discussions. You can put a short message out there and it’s meant to be expanded upon. So if someone says I’m out for coffee now at this coffee shop, the person who reads that might say, “I’ll come join you,” or they can say, “I love that coffee,” or, “I love that coffee shop.”

Solomon: So how about you send out a tweet now that says we’re having coffee at Café Elysian on West Broadway and see if anything comes of it by the end of the interview?

Bollwitt: Should we ask for a response?

Solomon: Yeah.

Bollwitt: Okay. Now we’ll wait and see.

The big thing about social media is, sure, you start behind a computer terminal but it’s leading to all these social interactions in real life. Tonight, there’s a meet up for bloggers, realtors, sales, any industry. There’s usually a monthly meet up, but tonight seven of the monthly meet ups are combining for a monthly. This one tonight is at Ceili’s Irish Pub on Granville and Smithe at 6 p.m. anyone can go. They might have nametags. Usually it’s a mix and mingle and you meet people who you’ve had contact with through your blog.

It’s the new trend that Twitter helps with. It helps people connect in real life situations, whether it’s finding the love of your life, business connections, or personal connections. I ended up booking a hotel in San Francisco because of what someone who was listening to me or listening to conversations about hotels recommended.

Solomon: How would you advise a business to use Twitter?

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