Cat Lake Feet

Summertime, and the livin' is easy. Easier. Easy for some. Easy for this guy, floating on Cat Lake near Squamish. Photo by www.brianpowellphotography.com [Brian Powell]

Sea to Sky Highway Cuts Through Mountain as Road Widens

Even mountains apparently must move out of the way to accommodate the anticipated hundreds of thousands of visitors to the 2010 Winter Games. This photograph of the widening road on the Sea to Sky...

Homeless in Vancouver

Or just camping out? On the beach at Stanley Park, a runner and a sleeping person. Photo by Brian Powell

Let's Go!

As gas prices increased, once speeding vehicles like the one pictured above gathered moss, becoming objects of mystery, beauty and satire. Meanwhile President George Bush offered his plan to stave...

Night in the Park

Sunrise in Stanley Park, finds a man, apparently homeless, sleeping in the shelter of old logs, a graphic symbol of one of Vancouver's most pressing problems. Photo by Brian Powell

Coyote Kills Raven

The location? Photo by Brian Powell

A Boat in False Creek

The dog rides in the middle.

Motorcycles on Ross

Motorcycle brigade at Vaisakhi parade proceeds up Ross yesterday. Photo by Brian Powell

Vaisakhi: Local Talking Heads Flash Smiles From CTV Float

TV personalities rode on the CTV float up 49th Avenue today during the Vaisakhi festival, celebrating the birth of Sikhism. photo by Brian Powell

Signs of Spring

Spring comes to Vancouver with a visual extravaganza of blooming species, that change week to week. Photo by Brian Powell