Media entrepreneurs brainstorm ways to create social change through technology

“All bets are off. The [old media] models have changed. The whole industry is in disarray,” photographer and social technology expert Kris Krug said at Remixology Vancouver!, a discussion panel last...

Why we must fight tooth and nail for our right to connect with others

The UAE's coming ban on interacting via Blackberry is a sobering reminder of why we cannot lose sight of the global society that technology has helped us to build.

Leading internet defender calls out anti-competitive practices

Rogers Communication wants to be the gatekeepers of Canada's internet. Can anyone stop them?

Media Democracy Day Vancouver 2010 details announced

For the ninth year running, Media Democracy Day (MDD) will spark vibrant, critical, interactive dialogue around the Canadian media system.

Vancouver Kids Use Shirts as a Medium for Their Art

The freshest creativity that I witness amongst my friends and the kids I work with seems to diverge from mainstream structures. Unfortunately, when kids get innovative in "alternative" ways, there is...

Storytelling Festival, Drag Queens at the Art Gallery, and Bollywood under the stars

Here's my Masala Mix top three events not to miss this weekend: 1. FUSE [Performance | Music | Art] Fri, June 11 6pm-Midnight @ Vancouver Art Gallery FREE for members, $20 online This...

How the internet is saving the news

The most puzzling aspect of the long-predicted death of conventional journalism is the preponderance of evidence that no such thing is occurring.

Why won't Tony Clement talk to me?

It's your digital revolution, but the government is acting like it belongs to established old school media giants and telecom empires who already have an iron clad grip on Canada's telecommunications

ION Magazine and Pink Mafia launch St. John’s Hip Guide for the JUNO awards week

Vancouver’s ION Magazine has teamed up with Toronto’s Pink Mafia to create the ultimate handbook for anyone visiting St. John’s for the JUNOS this week. The St. John's Hip Guide answers important...

What to expect from Malcolm Gladwell’s talk on social media at the F-5 Expo in Vancouver, BC

Last January, Malcolm Gladwell told CBS talk show host Katie Couric that he doesn’t use social media.   “My goal is to do less things online not more, because I have a limited amount of...