Does religion have a place in schools? Revisiting the Jesus T-shirt school controversy

A Nova Scotia student suspended for wearing a T-shirt with pro-Jesus message sparked controversy on religious signs in public schools. Where should be the boundaries drawn?

Top Vancouver Events May 9 - 15: Eat your way through the weekend with sake, butter chicken and stone soup

Events with food in their names always get our mouths watering.. even if they don't actually serve any food. Laugh at the Butter Chicken comedy show, drink as much as you please at the Sake Social,...

[email protected] Change inspires youth to confront violence, poverty and climate change

What would you like to see different in the world, in your community, or in yourself?

Canada's anti-Asian immigration policy revisited in SFU Library’s new Komagata Maru website

SFU recently hosted a symposium to discuss the Komagata Maru (1914) and celebrate the launch of a new website dedicated to documenting this infamous incident from Canada’s history.

Young Canadian diplomats get an early start with Model United Nations

At the Canadian High Schools Model United Nations Conference, Samantha Millar shared with youth what Model United Nations did for her – and what Model United Nations could do for them.

B.C. students planning walkout to support teachers' labour dispute

Students at a Vancouver high school are planning a mass walkout on Friday to protest their teachers' ongoing contract dispute. "Whatever affects our teachers affects us because it affects our...

Top Vancouver events Feb 23-26: Science World after dark and FUSE

From Lego art to Aboriginal hip hop to cool shows, BeeVancity has the scoop on all the best events going on in Vancouver this week.

Top Vancouver events Feb 9-15: music, love and politics

Looking for romantic ideas for your Valentine's Day date? Sorry, this isn't the blog for you. We've compiled a list of some of the ideas you won't find anywhere else. Besides, who needs chocolates...

How to get teenagers to read a book: references

Links from Howard Eaton's education blog, "How to make teenagers to read a book." Story Proof: The Science Behind The Startling Power of Story--Book by Kendall Haven Reading Kafka 'enhances cognitive...

Parenting advice: How to make teenagers read a book

Educator Howard Eaton gives useful advice on how reading impacts the young mind, and more importantly, how to encourage teenagers to pick up a book.