Vancouver Giants pink flash mob: video

This past weekend over 1800 students from 16 elementary and secondary schools from across Metro Vancouver gave the audience of this Sunday’s Vancouver Giants game a huge treat when they broke out in...
Bob Rennie talks to Killarney students.

Bob Rennie Speaks at Killarney about the value of a well-rounded education

Condo Marketer Bob Rennie gave an inspirational speech at Killarney Secondary that focused on embracing our personal qualities, trusting our intuition and building positive relationships.  ...
Laurier Elementary

Laurier Elementary's Own Super Hero: The Jim Duggan Story

Around three years ago, Laurier Elementary got a call from a concerned community member. Laurier principal Janet Souther remembers the day distinctively. Expecting a concern, she remembers being...

The ethical robot

From playrooms to bedrooms to battlefields, robots are part of modern life. And they're about to create some novel dilemmas for humans.

Cloud U – UBC ventures into the virtual university

Three leaders talk about the brave new world awaiting UBC students in 10 years.

UBC's Massively Open Online Courses

Increased access may equal a complete rethink of higher education.
Top 10 of 2012

Top 10 Vancouver School Board Photos of 2012

School dances, fashion shows, Chinese New Year: check out the Vancouver School Board's Top 10 pictures of 2012.
Tupper Tech

Tupper Tech Takes Trades Training to the Next Level

Students prepare for a career - while still in secondary school.
Patti Bacchus speaks at Kitchener Grand Opening

Kitchener staff and students celebrate their new school

Patti Bacchus speaks at Kitchener Grand Opening