Cage match: Full day kindergarten versus the alternative

Full day kindergarten goes head to head with the alternative: half a day spent with parents or in daycare.

Full day kindergarten: It's about equality

Why could the impact of full day kindergarten be so significant - not just for young children but as an investment in the future economic well-being of our province?

I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors

It was completely arresting and so innovative with its narrative and take on these issues.

Buy a vowel or two for Pro Education Day

An education advocacy group is going virtual to raise real cash.

The Winnebago Man is coming to Vancouver

It was so funny it just had to be scripted, I thought. But it wasn't.

When did education become a race?

A Kelowna teacher argues that early full day kindergarten is a developmental mistake, especially for boys.

Teachers gear up for full day kindergarten

The theme of full day kindergarten: more play, fewer worksheets...

Hearing loss: a growing teen affliction

As if parents don't already have enough reasons to worry about their teens, a recent study has found that one adolescent problem is growing at an alarming rate: hearing loss.

Combining BC school districts will not benefit communities or students

Let's examine the ongoing discussion about amalgamating school districts, including the notion of a single centralized province wide and province run school district.    Education historian...

A matter of pride for VSB trustee

As a school trustee on the Vancouver School Board I was proud to be associated with the PRIDE 2010 themes of Celebrate, Liberate, and Educate. The VSB entry, a decorated old school bus, in the PRIDE...