Reel Youth Films at VIFF: protest, poetry and sneakers

The diverse voices of young people require as many mediums as possible. On October 13th and 14th, you have the opportunity to have a glimpse into the lives of today's young citizens. These films...

Mokhtar, an awesome little Canadian film based in Morocco

In this part of the world, children get punished for what they do, with a lot of violence.

Sturla Gunnarson's film, Force of Nature: the David Suzuki Movie, screens to sell out crowd

It was identifying the key turning points: the moments in his life that made him who he is or that caused the distillation of this body of thought.

VIFF shout out for Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames

Marion Woodman takes you on a spiritual journey that will cause you to rethink your relationship with the earth.

Why should teachers embrace internet technologies?

"We can choose to sit back and wish it would all just go away," says educator Kelly Walsh, "...or we can choose to embrace it, and look for simple ways to learn more about it."

Let's put a stop to violence against young women

When is enough really enough? Three young women under 22 years of age, three different cities in the Lower Mainland, less than a month apart and all casualties of extreme violence. What is happening...

Public Lecture: Should we evaluate teachers based on their students' performance?

Are students' test scores a suitable way for measuring the effectiveness of their teachers? Everyone is invited to hear Dr. Jesse Rothstein discuss this issue in his public lecture, "Reforming...

How to REALLY green your child's classroom in five easy steps

There is a lot of talk about going green, but many schools haven't caught up. Kids our most vulnerable and they spend 1/3 of their days in schools, many that are making them sick. What can you REALLY

To advance aboriginal education, first develop understanding among teachers

Professor says good initiatives are underway, but progress depends on teacher education

Good Morning Africa!

There's a moment in the film where Margaret, the journalist from Uganda, goes to the countryside and talks to the women and tries to explain to them that they can protect themselves through the use of