Enter your classroom or community group to win a financial literacy kit

Until November 12, educators can enter their classroom or group to win a Moonjar Classroom Kit - a collection of tools for teaching kids the ABCs of financial literacy. The Moonjar is a fun, visual...

Public education needs greater support from province, groups say

Two public pleas underline the growing demand for a halt to provincial underfunding of our K-12 public education system. They are: a recent letter to the The Vancouver Sun from Eric Yung,...

BCTF finds lack of substance in Campbell's education announcements

Premier Gordon Campbell's much-anticipated announcements around education in his televised address to British Columbians on Wednesday has left teachers cold. "The Premier’s address lacked depth...

Teachers, grab your popcorn

Teachers will be learning about the government's intended changes to education on Wednesday

Premier expected to give B.C. school boards the pink slip

A Vancouver School Board trustee has told the Vancouver Observer that there is speculation Premier Gordon Campbell may announce in his public address tonight plans to fire elected school boards in B....

Teachers have questions, but does B.C.'s new education minister have answers?

Vancouver teachers: expect a lot of 'I'll get back to you on thats' after Wednesday's televised address by the premier, which is likely to announce significant changes to education. That's because,...

Fine arts education can begin in preschool

Preschool teacher Kathleen McMillan explains how she gets 4-year-olds hooked on art.

Heart of a Dragon

"Rick Hansen doesn't own the story of disability: we're all disabled in some way."

Kids learn through visual art, says illustrator Rebekah Plett

"There's a point to which all children love art and they will do art unabashedly," says Plett. "But after a point, I think they learn not to do it, or they think they're not good at it."

Gold & Copper at VIFF

The most important challenge was that they had broached a subject that was very sensitive to Iranian society. It was almost like walking on a tight-rope.